Friday, July 1, 2011

Paparazzi discovers 5th & B

The local Corvallis Gazette Times interviewed Rob Birdwell, Page Hundemer and I about the 5th & B process and the Majestic Theatre benefit:


  1. I attended the concert tonight in Corvallis. Your band is quite talented! I, personally, would have preferred to hear more music in the style of:
    "Naftule Shpilt, Big Top, Davenen and the Amazing Pickle". These were uplifting, had a repeating beat and were FUN to listen to. I checked your website and found Dave Leslies' "Kazimierz" Which I LOVED!! That would have been perfect for the silent movie portion of the night. Maybe even some old-fashioned "Keystone Cops" music.
    Thank you for an interesting night.

  2. Thanks for writing - it is nice to get some feedback. We are driven by constantly seeking some temporary balance between loose and tight, tension and release, harmony and chaos. Some elements of the band thrive on the adrenalin rush of walking the high line with no net, and would be happy to do nothing but free improvisation. Others get satisfaction from hearing the group play a piece that they've carefully composed. I'm with you on Kazimierz: it brings me to tears. Thanks for listening and commenting.