Thursday, March 3, 2011

Klezmer in Corvallis

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon in March then to share music? 
Some 100 Corvallians and their kids braved the afternoon storm to enjoy a concert of klezmer music by 5th & B.  (Photos and video by Kerry Bliss).

Before the show, all you could hear in the Oddfellows Hall was rain on the roof.

That soon changed, as the eight musicians of 5th & B warmed up.

Mike Curtis arranged the traditional klezmer tunes for the band, and flavored them with the quintessentially klezmer wail of the clarinet.

Dave Leslie created his compositions  in a klezmer mode, but within a harmonic structure drawing on bebop, rock, and post-modern influences.

No, that's not the local Rabbi:  it's bass player Page Hundemer.

Here's 5th & B playing Dave Leslie's "Troublesome Freylach".