Monday, September 5, 2011

Ideal Nerve Tonic in the High Cascades

Odell Lake Lodge is a beautiful old log lodge built in the early 1900s in the high Cascades of Central Oregon.  We've been going there for years, renting one of the dozen or so funky cabins for a few days of cross-country skiing each winter.

Unlike so many lodges of this vintage, Odell Lake hasn't been yuppified for the elite; it still caters to middle-class families with kids and dogs.  We love it.

This summer the Lodge invited Ideal Nerve Tonic to play for two of their weekly live music & barbeque events.  In exchange for playing to an appreciative crowd on the patio, overlooking the sun setting over Odell Lake, we're paid in food and lodging.  Really a tough gig.

The scene is awesome: the acoustics are perfect, the view is spectacular, everybody's just chillin'.  It's inspiring....

We get cookin', feelin' good, not sweatin' the small stuff.....and then.........

Out of nowhere, an uninvited guest makes his way to the dance floor!  Yet another Ideal Nerve Tonic Adventure!
(Thanks to KB for videography and photography!)