Saturday, January 22, 2011

Klezmer Practice

We practiced together today for 3 + hours, reading through the charts for the upcoming Klezmer concert.  The wonderful thing about playing with this group is the tremendous sense of encouragement and acceptance that everyone shares.  We're all in this for the same reason; to lose ourselves making honest music together.  Klezmer is intense, emotional, powerful, and difficult, too!  I'm reworking mandolin chops that I haven't used in years, and reading some pretty challenging charts.  It's great for the soul.  About half of the charts are arrangements by Mike of traditional Klezmer tunes.  The other half are original compositions by Mike and Dave Leslie in a Klezmer vein, with a sprinkling of jazz harmony and the occasional rock riff.

Every hour or so we took a break from the Klezmer and all played hand drums, locking into time, practicing listening, clearing our heads.